DOG WALKS             
Individual walks in your neighborhood and catered to your pups needs.
Potty Break         15.00 daily       75.00 weekly (m-f)
30 min. walk       20.00 daily       100.00 weekly (m-f)
60 min. walk       30.00 daily        150.00 weekly (m-f)


For weekend or evening service add 10.00/walk

Add 5.00 per  additional dog in household

1.5-2.5 hour jaunts to local off-leash parks (transportation to and from your home included) for playtime and socialization with other dogs. We most frequently visit Golden Gardens, Magnuson Park and Woodland Park. This option is for the active dog who loves to run, play chase & fetch!
25.00/ day

For weekend or evening service, add 10.00
2nd dog from same household 15.00

For weekend or evening service add 10.002nd dog from same household 15.00



This special offering is just for little guys! While we know it is important to socialize your small dog with all types of dogs, we also know that same-size play allows for an uninhibited, confidence- building type of play that really lets your small dog "get their wiggles out"! We currently visit the small dog parks at Magnuson, Golden Gardens and Magnolia Manor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Additional days available by request.

25.00daily   2nd dog from same household 15.00

While you are away, we will pop in and visit your pet(s), provide walks, feeding and lots of love and attention.

1 visit/day      25.00
2 visits/day    40.00
3 visits/day     55.00
Add 10.00 per additional dog.
Price is all inclusive for up to 4 cats per household

Want 24 hour care for your little loved one(s)? We will stay in your home, care for your pets, retrieve mail, water plants and maintain your home while you are away. In-Homecare includes multiple walks and round the clock care.

We gladly care for Dogs, Cats, Rodents, Rabbits, Birds and most other small pets